The Kratom Education Alliance is a research project geared toward educating consumers, parents, legislators and others who may be only vaguely familiar with the topic of kratom. Our objective is to be the intrepetor

Make no mistake, we are an advocate of kratom and will make no bones about it. However at the same time, we will report “the other side” of the coin, whether we agree or not, along with calling out these parties that want to reduce the credibility of kratom. KEA considers all of the nay-sayers to be politically influenced and/or uneducated. We feel that there is very limited information on the world wide web mainly do to political affiliations, power, and greed. Our job is to dispel theses rumors and present the real facts.

The Mainstream Media has begun to air stories both in print news and broadcast news that paint a picture of kratom that it is a “dangerous and deadly drug.” Most of these stories feature people who state their opinion about what they believe about kratom, although most reports are simply repeating old, outdated or incomplete information.

The DEA and FDA make claims about the safety of kratom, all while allowing substances such as psychiatric medication to remain on the market despite data that shows these drugs to be more deadly than heroin and cocaine combined.

Come one, come all, and come often. Kratom Education Alliance will keep you updated on kratom benefits, any “perceived” drawbacks, and current legislation.