Kratom for Pain Managment

Kratom: 20% Now Use for Pain Management After CDC Abandon Patients

The CDC opioid prescribing guideline has harmed pain patients, significantly reduced their access to pain care, and forced many patients to turn to alcohol and other drugs for pain relief, according to a large new survey of over 6,000 patients and healthcare providers by Pain News Network.

The CDC is no doubt, behind the reason many patients in pain have been abandoned. Today marks the third anniversary of theCDC guideline, of which discourages treating patients appropriately.

Desperate Measures

The widespread denial of care has many patients taking desperate measures for pain relief. One in five are hoarding opioid medication because they fear losing access to the drugs. Many others are using alcohol, marijuana or the herbal supplement kratom for pain relief. A small percentage are using illicit drugs. Few have found medical treatments that work as well as prescription opioids.

  • 22% of patients hoarding opioid medication
  • 11% obtained opioid medication from family, friends or black market
  • 26% used medical marijuana for pain relief
  • 20% used alcohol for pain relief
  • 20% used kratom for pain relief
  • 4% used illegal drugs (heroin, illicit fentanyl, etc.) for pain relief
  • 2% found other treatments that work just as well or better than Rx opioids

“Since my doctor stopped prescribing even my small amount of opioids, I deal with days where I can’t even get out of bed because I hurt so much and I’m stuck turning to alcohol, excessive amounts of acetaminophen and NSAIDs,” another patient wrote. “Kratom has been the only thing that has helped my pain.”

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