Kratom Tea

Guide for Preparing Kratom Tea

Although there are many ways to prepare kratom, one of the most effective and popular, is tea. The various ways of preparing kratom also alter its effects. Consuming Kratom in tea form offers different advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other preparations such as in resin form or fresh leaves.

You will need the following:

  • Kettle
  • Strainer
  • Kratom powder
  • Water

Step-by-Step Process for Making Kratom Tea:

  1. Bring 1 ½ cup of water to a soft boil.
  2. Put pre-measured Kratom powder directly to a simmering water.
  3. Lower the heat and allow the Kratom mixture to simmer for 10 minutes.
  4. Be sure to check the tea’s color. While it turns to yellow or deep orange color, remove the kettle from heat.
  5. Place a strainer or cheesecloth over a mug and pour the liquid.
  6. Discard the residue collected by the filter. Or, you can still save it for future use.

Since kratom is known for its rather conspicuous and sometimes bitter taste, you can flavor the tea with sugar, honey, stevia or cinnamon.

Do you prefer cold tea? Place it in the fridge or pour drink over ice. To protect the alkaloids of Kratom, slice a lime or lemon in half and add it to the water before heating. The lemon’s acidity will prevent the destruction of alkaloids during the heating process.

This is a very general guideline for the dosage:

The following are the suggested quantities of Kratom powder for making tea and the effects:

  • Threshold (effect is subtle yet apparent) – 2 – 3 grams
  • Mild (effect is stimulant-like) – 3 – 4 grams
  • Moderate (effect can be sedative/analgesic or stimulant-like) – 4 – 5 grams
  • Strong (Sedative/Analgesic/Euphoric effect) – 6 – 10 grams

Kratom tea remains one of the all-time favorite ways of kratom preparation. Give it a try sometime, you may just find a more pleasant to consume kratom.

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