Georgia Kratom Ban

Georgia Lawmakers Consider Kratom Restrictions

Charles Haddow, a lobbyist for the American Kratom Association, said during a House and Senate study committee at the Catoosa County Colonnade on Wednesday morning that the organization could live with an age restriction, allowing only people older than 18 to buy the drug. He added that state lawmakers could demand a label on the products, warning pregnant women that the purchase could pose a health risk.


  • Meeting was held with Charles Haddow, Kratom lobbyist and Georgia Lawmakers
  • AKA said “organization could live with age restrictions”
  • DEA have debated a ban across the country

“While it is important to generate more evidence, there is evidence that certain substances found in kratom are opioids and data suggest that one or more may have a potential for abuse,” FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said in a statement Sept. 11. “And its use has been on the rise and is of concern to the FDA.”

See our State of Kratom to learn more.

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