Kratom Should Be Regulated

Advocate: Kratom ‘should be regulated,’ Not Illegal

C.M. Haddow knows a Georgia narcotics officer who once entered a convenience store in north Georgia and asked if the store carried kratom, a substance commonly found in convenience stores and which many people use as pain relief medication.

Not only did the store carry it, but the clerk pointed the officer to the particular product that would give someone the “best high.”

But that particular product couldn’t have been pure kratom, said Haddow, who works as a senior fellow on public policy at the Virginia-based advocacy group American Kratom Association. Haddow said unless kratom is laced with another substance — what he calls an “adulterated product” — it doesn’t result in users getting high the way traditional opioids do.

“If they market it that way and you buy it and you get high, they put something in it,” Haddow said.


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