Kratom Controversy in Tennessee

Differing Opinions Over Controversial Kratom in Tennessee

Our attention has shifted to Tennessee, where kratom is currently banned. Yesterday, the Attorney General stated:

“Possession of the kratom plant in its natural, botanical form should not subject a person to potential criminal prosecution under Tennessee state law,” the opinion reads. “The kratom plant in its natural botanical form is not a prohibited controlled substance under Tennessee law.”

So we have a conflict brewing. On one side, we have kratom which is clearly delineated as illegal in Tennessee. And the other, where we have the AG stating his opinion that conflicts with the law.

“I had a guy in here last year who came in, he was crying,” Bertrand said. “He was in tears, thanking us. What he used this product for was to get himself off of heroin.”

“He’s got his family back,” Bertrand continued. “He’s got a job. He’s got his kids back. He’s got his life back. These are stories that we hear on almost a daily basis.”

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