disturbingly high levels of heavy metals in kratom

FDA Announces New Concerns Regarding Kratom

There’s no doubt that kratom is being targeted by Scott Gottlieb, the writing is on the wall. And so we wake up today to find one more manufactured story that the FDA can ban our beloved Kratom.

I strongly believe it’s just a matter of when the FDA/DEA issues a nationwide ban of kratom.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, has issued a new warning about kratom, stating that the agency found “disturbingly high levels of heavy metals” in 26 kratom products.

“Among the heavy metals we found were lead and nickel at levels not considered safe for human consumption,” Gottlieb said in today’s announcement.

“While the levels of the specific products we’ve tested so far are not likely to result in immediate acute heavy metal poisoning from a single use, some of these products included levels that, with chronic use, could cause some people to suffer from heavy metal poisoning. We are concerned that there may be other kratom products on the market that also contain heavy metals,” he added.


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