Otherwise known as Drug Enforcement Agency. the DEA is a United States federal law enforcement agency under the United States Department of Justice, tasked with combating drug smuggling and distribution within the United States.


Kratom under attack by FDA

Why is Kratom Under Attack by FDA and its Ilk?

There’s a lot of media headlines going around regarding the…
Kratom Should Be Regulated

Advocate: Kratom 'should be regulated,' Not Illegal

C.M. Haddow knows a Georgia narcotics officer who once entered…
Columbus Kratom Ban

Kratom Columbus Ban Discussion Unpacked

Kratom has been the hot topic around Columbus and Lowndes County…
Ohio Kratom Update

Kratom Ban Update: Ohio Board of Pharmacy

THANK YOU KRATOM WARRIORS! In a meeting of the Ohio Board…
Kratom_CSA Factor 7

Factor 8: Whether Kratom is an Immediate Precursor of a Substance Already Controlled

The next and last factor in the study, Factor 8 includes whether…
Noose Tightens Around Kratom

Noose Tightens Around Kratom

FDA Attacks Mount and DEA Moves Closer to Schedule I Designation. Kratom…
Kratom: DEA's Dirty Little Secret

Kratom: The DEA's Dirty Little Secret

This is an article that was published back in 2016, but still…
disturbingly high levels of heavy metals in kratom

FDA Announces New Concerns Regarding Kratom

There's no doubt that kratom is being targeted by Scott Gottlieb,…
Kratom Ban

Federal Authorities Tight-Lipped on When Kratom’s Future Will Be Revealed

It's just a waiting game now. For months, the fate of the…
Factor 4: Assessment of Kratom Under the CSA Eight Factors

Factor 6: Assessment of Kratom Under the CSA Eight Factors

Factor 6: what, if any, risk there is to the public health Kratom…