We will be periodically adding more testimonials from people of how kratom has affected their lives. There are so many.

I have what is called “the suicide disease”. It is a rare and generally misunderstood nerve disease that causes pain so intense that the medical community agrees with it being one of the most excruciating types of pain there is. Kratom has given me a chance to live my life again. I can hardly believe the freedom I have found from all the sadness, agony of pain and hopelessness I felt. I am so happy now and what’s more is I have found the fighter in me again and I am ready to fight for Kratom. It is a miracle for me and so many more.


I’ve been taking Kratom for 2 years now and its given me my life back. It helped me get off prescribed opiates for pain. I have not experienced any ill side effects while taking 2.5 grams 1-3 times a day depending on my pain level. I know many other people who Kratom has helped give them their life back and it would be criminal for the government to ban it. Moderation is key with everything and I have NEVER heard of anyone injecting it. It is physically impossible in its natural state to do so. #followthescience.


I absolutely love kratom, period. It’s replaced my need for mood stabilizers and anti-depressants completely. I use it for my mental health and well-being. I use it for work. I have a labor intensive job and when I take my kratom, It allows me to be a real power house. Performance enhancing even. My productivity has improved so much that I have been given countless praise and a couple pay raises. The best part about how it works is how positive it makes you feel about what your doing. It like, you can get through anything on kratom and it doesn’t fog up your mind or change your judgment. I can be the super version of myself and no one is none the wiser.

Kratom helps me to be interested when I need to be. It gives me the motivation to push through things that are hard. I can feel great without being “messed up”. I quit drinking because there is no ‘want’ or ‘need’ anymore. I gave up pot to. I don’t need medication from a shrink anymore. I fixed myself all by myself and I am a better person for it.


I am a disabled combat Veteran. The VA wanted to push a dangerous cocktail of pills down my throat. So I started getting my Masters in Herbal Medicine. I’ve been on various pain meds and psych meds. I was tired and couldnt function. When a friend told me about Kratom I was greatful. I studied it as much as I could, whatever I could find, and then tried it myself. I cried. For the first time in over 10 years I was pain free without the awful side effects of pharma opiates. I dont even have to take it every day. If they make Kratom illegal I will become a criminal and with me thousands of other Veterans and Citizens.


I have been using kratom for several years now. I so glad I found it. Most pain patients are slaves to their doctors and their rules which gives their patients no say so in how their bodies are being treated.

Many pain clinics profit on procedures that may cause more harm. With kratom I choose. It’s a whole lot cheaper, and I don’t have the stigma that I am some drug addict trying to get a fix.


I use kratom for pain. I found it last October and it has changed my life. I can now do housework. I have bone on bone in one hip, excruciating sciatica in the other, slippage in my spine and herniated disks.

Doctors offered me no hope and refused pain meds. Six aspirin at a time stopped doing ANYTHING at all for the pain. I really didn’t expect kratom to work. I thought it was hype, but one evening I made my way via my walker, very slowly into a smoke shop. I tried one level teaspoon. Nothing, but as per instruction from the salesman, I used another teaspoon. Wallah.

Sometimes I get by with just an ice pack, sometimes the pain level is low enough that one teaspoon works. On some days I need 2. On the days I don’t need the kratom, I have no signs of withdrawal. But, I can go without coffee for several days with no headaches, etc. Kratom is related to the coffee tree, so perhaps that’s why I have no withdrawal symptoms when I go without kratom for a couple of days. Don’t take my kratom. A life of pain where you cry all day is no life.